Saturday, December 27, 2008

Click on site to view KTIV Interview woman fights not only for Mrs. Iowa title but for heart disease

KTIV News Write-up for Mrs. Iowa

By Allissa HopkinsSiouxland woman fights not only for Mrs. Iowa title but for heart disease

Siouxland woman fights not only for Mrs. Iowa title but for heart disease
SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in Iowa, affecting one out of every three adults.
However, one Siouxland woman is trying to lighten up that statistic, and she has even gone as far as entering a beauty pageant and making the American Heart Association her platform.
While the Spencer native did win the title of Mrs. Iowa in September, the fight has just begun to educate others about importance of knowing the facts about heart disease.
Val Whitehead is a wife, mother of three, a nurse and now the reining 2009 Mrs. Iowa.
"If you would've asked me a year ago if I would've seen myself doing this, I would've probably laughed," said Val Whitehead, Mrs. Iowa.
However, now her title of Mrs. Iowa is more than a laughing matter, it's become her passion. And, she's using that passion to help in the prevention of the thing that kills many Americans every year, heart disease.
"We forget that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women, and statistically Iowa follows the national trend. So, it is the number one killer. And, I think we get so busy taking care of everybody else that we forget about those things," said Whitehead.
It's not just being a nurse that has given her an up close look at the disease.
"We definitely have a family history on both sides," said Mrs. Iowa.
After her mother and father in-law dying of heart disease in their 60's, her sister in-law having her 2nd heart attack at 44, her mother going through her heart surgery and her husband having high cholesterol, you can say Val has a strong connection to her platform. From that firsthand experience, she thought a beauty pageant might help her to education others about the importance of doing the little things in order to be heart-healthy.
"I really felt like it's not just about can I walk in an evening gown on stage. It's more about what can I do to make a difference in somebody's life," said Whitehead.
With only a couple months under her belt, she's enjoyed her time so far.
"It's really been a positive experience and I'm glad I did it. I was nervous of what I was getting in to, but I think someday I'll look back and think this is was a really great year," said Whitehead.
Val Whitehead will compete in the nation pageant for the title of Mrs. International this summer in Chicago.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spencer woman named Mrs. Iowa International

This was posted in our local paper the Spencer Daily Reporter...I made the most read articles of the week!

Valerie Whitehead, 37, of Spencer, was crowned Mrs. Iowa International this month and will go on to compete for the title of Mrs. International 2009 during the final competition in Chicago, July 17- 18, 2009.
"Being named Mrs. Iowa International has already been an amazing experience," said Whitehead. "I've met wonderful people and have been supported on this journey in ways I never expected. It has been fun, exciting, and most importantly, it has given me new opportunities to support my charitable platform."
Whitehead is a nurse and supervisor for the Iowa Eye Institute in Spencer, a mother of three children, and an active member and volunteer for several area organizations.
She is sponsored by Community State Bank, Iowa Eye Institute, P.C., Dr. Phelps DDS and Winning Crown Boutique.
Whitehead will spend her year as Mrs. Iowa International supporting her platform the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign, a movement dedicated to fighting heart disease among women. In this role, she plans to speak at area events promoting women's health and supporting additional Go Red events through volunteerism.
International Pageants, Inc. also supports the Go Red for Women program through a national alliance formed in 2008 committing volunteer and financial support.
The Mrs. International Pageant is owned and operated by International Pageants, Inc., which also operates Miss International and Miss Teen International pageants. It is the only platform-based pageant system dedicated to highlighting women's accomplishments through community support.
Mrs. International showcases married women 21 to 56 years old and features three categories of competition, including interview, evening gown and fitness wear. For more information, visit

Interview with Ryan on local Channel KICD Radio

I had the chance to do an interview about the pageant and my platform The American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Campaign. Here are some of the notes that were posted on their website.

(12-16-08) Mrs. International Winner
(Spencer, IA)--A Spencer woman has been named Mrs. Iowa International. Valerie Whitehead says she was at a sprint triathlon and was running along side of a 72-year-old man who said to her "isn't it great we are all doing something so healthy for our hearts when it sort of clicked for her concerning Mrs. International." Whitehead's platform is the Go Red for Women campaign which is a part of Mrs. International. Whitehead says she will be speaking locally and statewide to spread awareness. The Mrs. International Pageant takes place July 17th and 18th in Chicago.

Merry Christmas 2008

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year from our family.

Photo Shoot Mrs. Iowa International 2009

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Speaking at Women's Expo VIP Night

Nearly 300 women were in attendance for the VIP night at the Women's Expo in Spencer, Iowa. I had the priviledge to open the program. Some great make overs followed and we closed the night with our keynote speaker.

As Mrs. Iowa International 2009 I am working to support the American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign. We had a great turnout at the Northwest Iowa Women's Expo. Over 200 women registered.

Mrs. Iowa International 2009