Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mrs. International Pageant 2009!!! Family Photos

What can I say...thank you is hardly enough! To my family for all of your love and support through this year and always you are all my treasures and my proudest accomplishment. I love each and everyone of you! To Tucker, soon you will be off on your own....your future is glowing! You have no boundaries and will achieve all you want, I am so proud of you. To Madison, my are truly beautiful inside and out! As you start these teen years that pass by so quickly I pray for you to follow every dream you have and never hold back, I know you will accomplish all you set out to do. To Luke, you are still my will soon grow bigger and stronger than me, but never so much so that I can't hug you tight! I know you are my biggest fan and I am thankful that I am so blessed. To Ron, what can I even say....after all these know me more than I know myself and always let me chase my dreams with unending support. Thank you for always believing in me and being a rock for all of us to hold on to. I love you all more than words can say. To my parents....even at 38 years old you are still "mom and dad", always supporting us, there to lend an ear or helping hand. Your love has truly been unconditional and I can only hope that my children will someday be able to say the same. Thank you and I love you!

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